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Adolescent & Teen Counseling


Being a teenager has always been a difficult and confusing time, trying to figure out who you are and how you fit in. The pressures of academic and extracurricular commitments, building friendships and other relationships, while balancing new independence and responsibilities can cause teenagers to experience high levels of stress. 

Add in the new pressures that come with social media, civil and political unrest and a global pandemic, and it’s easy to understand why symptoms of anxiety and depression are at an all time high. Our clinicians at Resolve are here to help find ways to cope with:

Teenagers looking at their cell phones.


When a teenager begins therapy, the clinician will treat the parents/caregiver as part of the team, providing support for the parent while also allowing the child a confidential and safe place to process their struggles. 

The therapist will help both parent and teen understand what is happening in the developing brain and how it affects their thoughts and behavior, ways to communicate more productively and ways for the teen to manage their emotions. 

The therapist will be there to support the teen in learning healthy coping skills, making wiser choices, building healthier relationships and learning ways to safely express their feelings, all to help them feel better.