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Psychological Testing & Assessment

GET an accurate mental health diagnosis

Navigating the journey to accurate mental health diagnosis can be a frustrating and confusing journey. Psychological testing can help illuminate the path. People seek assessment for a variety of reasons, including: 

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Assessments are effective in gathering the information needed to accurately diagnose disorders and provide detailed recommendations on how to best treat and manage them.  

At Resolve Behavioral Health Services, Dr. Julia Core performs brief and comprehensive psychological testing for adults to provide you with the answers you are seeking. Dr. Core focuses on neurodiversity and hopes to provide clients with clear answers about ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Core also offers testing for diagnostic clarification and IQ testing. Psychological testing is tailored to each client.

Please Note:  Psychological Testing for Adults is not covered by insurance.   Please contact us at for pricing and information.


The first step of psychological assessment typically begins with an interview and gathering background information. This initial step will help determine what specific areas are problematic for you.

Next, Dr. Core will select and administer psychological tests that are aimed at assessing specific domains or skills.  This may take place over the course of one or more days, depending on your availability.

Dr. Core will then gather and organize the data into a formal report, which she will review with you in a feedback session. In the report, you will receive specific feedback and recommendations regarding ongoing treatment and management of difficulties.

After the assessment is complete and recommendations have been given, Dr. Core  can provide you with appropriate referrals and answer any additional questions you may have.