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Neurofeedback will provide you with the tools your brain needs to learn how to self-regulate. With neurofeedback, your brain is rewarded every time it provides you with those brainwave patterns that best keep you focused, or lower your anxiety or help to increase a more peaceful state. Neurofeedback is a treatment used for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. It is also used in athletic training to help build greater focus and peak performance control in moments of high pressure when you need it the most.

Man relaxes in an upholstered chair wearing a neurofeedback cap.

What does Neurofeedback look like?

The first step is mapping your brain using a QEEG scan. This helps us know what areas of your brain are working too hard, and what we can do to get them to optimal levels. We compare this to another scan at the of treatment so we can observe what progress you’ve made.

Neurofeedback itself involves having a cap placed on your head that has electrodes attached that monitor your brain activity. This activity is displayed on a computer screen to allow those areas that are overactive or under active to be trained and rewarded every time they respond well to treatment.

Treatment in neurofeedback can feel effortless and simple. You will be sitting connected up to the EEG cap and computer system while watching a tv program you enjoy or a movie. Your brain responds to rewards, and every time your brain activity is in the best place for you, the reward is provided. This is done by having the screen you are watching the movie on light up when you are in the optimum zone or darken when you aren’t. This feedback gives your brain the ability to learn when it’s in the best range of activity. Our brains naturally respond to this reward system and begin to move towards optimal activity. For most individuals, they will notice a difference over 10 sessions and for fuller established changes, 20-35 sessions is recommended.


Neurofeedback is not a process that you can start and stop. You must be able to attend sessions twice per week after an initial intake session to gather history and decide on a course of treatment. Our board certified neurofeedback provider is dedicated to providing you the highest level of clinical care.   

Note: Neurofeedback is not covered by insurance plans.  

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